Aldebarans (the Fish)

Aldebarans (The Fish)


Race that is closest to Angels.  Their name is the Fish and they have their own vocabulary.  They are many races scattered across this part of the system which includes planets that you know as Saturn and systems that you know as the Pleiades.  They are ancient and have great knowledge.

They do not need shelter, they can just move their location, if they need to.  They get food from their environment.  Their atmosphere contains everything that they need; also they can make some food themselves from solar light.  If they need to change their location to find an optimal supply of these things they just move themselves. Their form is in the appearance of color, many different colors.  By human standards they would be very beautiful.  If a Human could imagine a metallic rainbow but without substance, that would be them.  

Their world is a colorful world. They do not perceive color, as Humans do, with eyes but as frequencies.  Their entire world is in color.  Earth has some colors but nothing as vivid and beautiful as theirs.  Rare for them to visit Earth, but if hey did, Humans would perceive a  flash of colored light, as if a bird flew past a rainbow.  Aldebarans are not just one race, but a collection of races that live in their home system.


Direct communication with Humans and help Humans similar to Angels.  Very little contact with Humans now.  Aldebarans have helped Humans with concepts of justice and sharing.  Also altruism and cooperation which Humans are still trying to understand., much to their dismay.

Part of Confederation

Yes part of the Confederation, does not monitors for the Confederation.  There are several Confederations in each system and one Confederation over the smaller Confederations.  The Confederation is a group of races that decide on the rules and the norms and adjust accordingly.  Some races choose not to follow the rules and are not included as members. They are lesser races because they have to abide by rules that others make.  If these races were members of the Confederation they would have a share in the making of the rules.

The Aldebarans have been around since before the Confederation and were there in the early stages.  They were not involved in the creation of the Confederations, just there.  The Confederations grew from simple groups to Unviersal wide groups.  They are not the Confederation.  If the races abide by the rules of the Confederation there will be peace.  Humans do not abide by the rules of the Confederation, so there is no peace.


The Aldebarans have a sense of who all people are.  They are autonomous and do not answer to other races, except the Confederation.  They are not on a mission for others, or for another group.  There are always wars in space, expecially between the races that are not members of the Confederation.  These, however, do not often infringe on Earth or its system.  Aldebarans observe them but do not intrude.  When they are ready to live by the rules they will not fight it.


When talking to one you talk to all.  Humans can communicate with them the way they are doing so now, mind to mind.  This will eventually be learned by more people and it will not seem so strange. 

Location of Home

Aldebaran system.  Saturn and the Pleiades.  They are at home when they rest and when they interact with others.


Yes. They are able to visit all aspects of the Universe. They do not need craft although they will travel with other races if that is required.  They travel often.  They are able to travel where they want and interact however they choose.  There are too many of them to be any different.  They would only come to Earth and materialize for a Human.  You would not know it was one of them as they would look entirely like a Human and would interact in the same way as a Human.  It is possible that you have interacted with their race, in the past, and did not know it was them.  That is all they can say. 

Social Structure

The Aldebarans do not have a centralized social organization.  But the Confederations could be considered centralized and organized.  As they abide by the rules and laws of the Confederations, you could say that, in that way, they are organized. 


They do not have DNA, it is very different and they cannot explain.  It has to do with energies and magnetic fields. Some days they just split and there are two or more of them with their abilities, skills, and memories.  It is more than cloning; Human cloning only clones the physical body, each clone then has to develop its own skills and memories.  They only have one gender, they do not need two. 

Books, writing, art, documents

They do not have the same sense of creativity that Humans possess.  They consider that they are the ultimate in creative races as they can change their appearance to anything within the Universe.  They do not need to create anything outside themselves, they can create themselves to be anything that they wish or need.  They do not have writing, music or art as they are all of those things and can communicate without those things.


Can adapt safely to any environment.  Technology is only interesting to those who have solid bodies, such as Humans.  They can choose to have solid bodies, this is transitory.  And they do not have solid bodies. Most of the time they do not need technology.


They do not die in the Human sense where one entity ceases to be.  They divide and in doing so continue as separate entities.  There is not concept of death among the Aldebarans, so they do not have to deal with death.

Relationship with Humans and others

Do not interact with Humans as they do not have any directives to interact with Humans.  Only when Humans contact them. There are other groups in this system that travel to Earth and interact with Humans, such as the Angels.  They can offer advice to Humans if they are aware of the information.  Unable to help in a practical way.  Help can be asked for in this way from Human to Aldebaran.  Aldebaran is neutral toward Humans.  Their flying probes have just reached their system, Saturn.  Nothing to fear from Humans at this time.  If Humans were to become aggressive towards them they would need to reassess how we feel about Humans in our system.  They can only help Humans in a very limited way, perhaps not at all.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

They have a limited ability to look into their future, not that of other races.  Sometimes they will heed a warning of an upcoming problem and can warn a race of what is coming but that is not frequent.

Shape-shift Ability

Can take the shape of the race that is present.  They can change shape to travel like the Nordics.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Why do Humans choose to ignore the Confederaion rules and do not wish to be part of the  Confederation?  They do not need to ask anything of the Human race as they can visit at any time and learn what they want to learn.  Humans have been able to communicate telepathically forever but seemed to have lost the ability.  It is now becoming apparent that many Humans are rediscovering this form of communication.  The human mind has always had the ability to communicate this way, so they are not surprised. 

Most of the races in the Universe communicate this way.  It is only on Earth that this ability is denigrated, riduculed and suppressed.  They observe that the majority of Humans are happy.  They are not happy all of the time but they appear to be happy overall.  They are not just talking about the group that calls itself North America but the whole of the World.  The North Americans have the idea that nothing else exists outside of their part of the world except people to fight.  They have noticed this on other worlds and even in our own system. 

In the rest of the world, Humans seem quite happy with their lives and do not seem to be always striving for happiness.  Humans forget all that they have and want what they cannot have, especially North Americans.  They are like children or adolescents.  When they cannot get what they want, immedately, they fight and become very negative.  What should be discussed is satisfaction with life. Happiness follows satisfaction.  Contacting and interacting with us and others in this way is the first step.  Many Humans from many different parts of the Earth, reach out this way to the different races.  Such knowledge that the other races can offer could only be helpful, especially from those races that are a part of the Confederation.  

After death, Humans spirits float free in the Universe until ‘they are called’.  They do not know what calls them back to Human or other form.  It is an intangible thing.  They just know that spirits suddenly have an urge to move to another part of the Universe where they become reincorporated; that is, they become corporate again.  They do not go though this process so they do not know what this call is, they just know it happens. There are spirits that are now getting ready for their return.  When they are out there, there is no communication with them. 

There are spirits that are trapped on Earth for various reasons, such as being trapped by excess emotion to one place or person.  These spirits can have communication but all that Humans will learn is why the spirit is suffering or has suffered.  Not good for either spirit or Human.  Most of spirits out in Universe are joyful and free.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Races from Sirius and Pleiades are still visiting Earth in many guises and giving knowledge.  As more Humans remember how to communicate directly with the races in each system, then more knowledge will be given.  It is hard to be more specific because the breadth of the knowledge already given is so great and the races so many.  In the Aldebaran system are at least  12 that have all been here a long time and live as neighbors. 

They are peaceful together.  They do not fight unless there is an intrusion by a race from another system.  One of these has spread throught the Pleiades system and you will eventually meet them.  They have visited Earth many times and know Humans quite well.  They are similar to Humans in many aspects regarding intelligence and sensibility.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

Asking the Confederation races for assistance is very helpful to understanding the rules that the Confederations set. There are so many races and very few Humans who are reaching out like this.  More humans need to be trained to do this.   They believe there should be a school.  This must be international.  All Confederation life is sacred.

Belief in Creator/God

The Aldebaran god is not the same as the Human god.  We see all the collective energies and spirit of all the races as the concept of god.  The Human concept is that god is omnipresent and omni-wise; so this includes all the knowledge possessed by all the races and the fact that the races are everywhere.  So this concept of god is accounted for by all the races in the Universe. The Aldebarans do not have a sense of a god that is detached from the races. 


Humans have the wrong idea about the speed of light and it is not what they think it is.  Humans state that it would take so many light years to reach certain planets and systems.  In fact, this is erroneous.  Light bends and twists, increases and decreases in speed, depending on the part of the Universe that it is in.  There is no need for “wormholes” and “bending time”, just an understanding of light.  There are multiple layers of time but these layers can be viewed as circular, rather than vertical or horizontal layers.  They wrap around each other and overlap in areas, so that some time can become intermingled with other time.  We use the layers to travel and to visit other locations at different times. 

We cannot see into the future as layers are constantly moving and updating, so definitive future is never apparent.  Future twists and turns and is rapidly being caught-up with by the past, and intertwining with other times.  Earth time is seen to be linear and created by the circling of the Earth.  Other races have no concept of time, there would have to be time posts, markings in space or in the material of the Universe, between which time is measured, and there are not.  There would need to be uniformity of time, between the races, and there is not.  The universe would have to remain static and unchanging for time to exist, and it does not.  So they have no concept of a linear, non-static time.

Miscellaneous Occurances

Everything is matter, energy and information. Atomic weapons are only various grades of matter, energy and information and no harder to control than a Human can snuff out a candle.  It is easy for us and other races to manipulate these things.  Different races neutralize different energies for different reasons, such as needing the energy for their own purposes.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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