Anaka, American Indian. Star People



Anaka are the race of beings that interacted with Native American tribes in history and have been here forever, before Humans. They are a modern people.  They are two types.  One type is short and stocky, the other is tall and slender.  They fall into one of these groups, there is nothing in-between.  They have straight hair, and dark eyes, with a darker complexion.  They need everything for survival that Humans need.  They are the closest of all the races in their needs. Anaka DNA tests like humans, except that their lineage is the very oldest on the Earth. They are evolved and do not want to evolve more.


Purpose is to be an example for Humans and other races to learn from them. Affinity to language. They will speak the local language and may speak other. The Anaka can assist with knowledge. Just ask and if they hear they will provide information. Neither positive or negative about Human race.  Whether they succeed is of no importance to their survival.  They will be here when the Humans are gone.  They assist because they want Earth to survive, so that they can survive. 

Part of Confederation

Yes. All races that belong to Confederation can monitor for Confederation. Will not share information about Confederation.


Grays, Hybrids, Nordics and them are intereacting with Humans on a conscious level.  Others are not able to consciously interact with Humans so that they can perceive them.  Technology, digital cameras will become more sophisticated, holographic, and different wavelengths, other races will be able to be perceived. 


If you met them you would not know whether they were Native American or Anaka.  They would not tell you, intuitive may be able to tell.  This is the way to communicate with other races throughout the Universe.  However, Humans do not have a good record of communication among themselves and need to understand their own communication before setting out to communicate with other races.

Location of Home

On Earth. Always been here on Earth.  Located in North America, South America, Japan, the Russias, the Pacific Islands, everywhere on Earth.  Anaka lineage came from another place, not the same root race as Humans. They come from multiple places in the universe. Anaka came to Earth in the spirit of discovery on a craft.  Like all advanced races, they too, felt the need to explore and expand our race.  They have visited Earth many times before they came here to stay, long before Humans were here. They did not help evolve Humans, that was another race, name unknown.  They came and went quickly. They looked like Humans but have never been back.


Do not travel but could travel outside the Earth.  Travel as Humans do, by foot, by car, by public transportation.  Anaka originally came on a craft.  Some of craft may remain but most have long since gone, they had many biological components which would have disappeared.  Only some nonbiological elements would remain and these would now be useless.

Social Structure

May be in all professions. They have all the priviledges of each culture and travel and move as they do. They have a passport, social security card, birth certificate. Anaka live within the socialized world of Humans and abide by their rules as much as possible but the Anaka also have their own rules and socialization that they keep secret, often only in thought.  They do not interact socially with other species except Humans.  They live on Earth with Humans, so have to follow Earth society.


Do not interbreed with other races.  They are a separate race. They give birth to children and so perpetuate their race. They replicate like Humans but they do not replicate with Humans. 

Books, writing, art, documents

Anaka are a very creative people: artists, musicians, poets, writers as well as in everyday lives.  Anaka are very emotional and very creative.  They love to dance, sing, laugh and be happy.


Anaka have the same illnesses, diseases, threats as Humans and  they also die.  Death is inevitable. Death has a special place that they go to.  It is a joining with other Anaka.  They don’t talk about it. It is a place that you would call mythical.  They have not seen it but will when they are finished living, a place like Vahalla. They have no concept of hell.

Relationship with Humans and others

The difference between Anaka and Humans, is that they know they are the Anaka.  They are always in communication with Humans and have always interacted. The Anaka can assist with knowledge. Just ask and if they hear they will provide information. They have always helped Humans.  It amazes them that Humans take such a long time to learn basic things like respect and cooperation.  Just when they think they understand, humans make us think that they do not understand and never will.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

Do not have the ability to look into future.  However, everything is cyclic and future events can be predicted from events that have already happened.  Outcome of Human actions can also be predicted quite accurately.  They have known Humans forever and found that this is so and does not change.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Everything is escalating and there is a danger that many Humans will die and not produce.  Anaka and Humans will survive because they are everywhere. There will be Humans and Anaka that are not destroyed and they will continue. They will not continue in the same way but they will continue. Humans fear change more than they fear death. Anything that causes war, famine, catastrophe for Humans creates change and it is this change that is feared.  Yet they live on Earth that is constantly changing. No extinction, just change.

There are certain Humans who have intelligence, understanding, compassion and the ability to hear and understand them that they feel comfortable sharing information.  There are many areas of knowledge that they feel comfortable sharing information about.  Anaka does not have anger, Humans have anger.  Anger comes from fear, a reaction to fear, a reaction to change. 

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Anaka stays away from the Reptilians, and other potentially harmful entities.  No need for the Reptilians and they no need for us.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

They know the rules of the Confederation are to cooperate with other entities, not to harm them, to show respect to other entities.  Cooperate and respect, to live fairly and equitable. Honor those who came before and those who come after.  Respect the animals.  Animals have form and beauty and thought.  Respect is due them as it is for Humans.

Belief in Creator/God

Yes, there is a God, but it is not what Humans worship.  It is a central origin of the Universe, where all life springs from. Humans humanize this as an Earthly God with an Earthly appearance so that they can better understand God but this is not so.  God does not have a Human face.  Their concept of god encompasses all the energies of the races and beings in the Universe.  Humans version is confined to one figure, theirs is spread out over the universe.  Humans’ only seems to service Humans, theirs services everybody and everything in the Universe.  Humans god is judgmental and cruel theirs is benevolent, intelligent and compassionate.  The only races that do not accept their definition of god are those that do not follow the Confederation rules.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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