Gentle race of people who are intermingled with Humans for a long time. Closer to Humans than any other race.  Consider themselves a people. Angels, Orbs and Elementals are closest to the expression of God. No races comparable with Angels although there are many like them in many aspects. Have contact with Humans for  long-term basis.  Have a discernable head and limbs. 

Exist most of the time in spirit, but can take on Human form if needed, when help is needed in a physical way. Not every Human in a group will see them in Human form but as lights, shimmering, and as shifts in perception. Very few will see them in the Human-mindset with wings and long hair. Often mistaken for spirits, Orbs, ghosts and other non-Human entities.


Guide, impart knowledge, help and to direct.  Intent is to provide Humans with mental maps of how to become better Humans.  Act as messengers only to Humans. Angels talk to Human leaders but they do not always listen or act on how we guide them. Not all leaders listen or call them.  It is permitted because it always has been.  Humans have a pick of Angels. 

When first asked for help, childhood or adulthood, one Angel is assigned.  Many guard children, always a special task. As soon as request has been met the Angel returns to group and another is sent when a new request is made.  It has always been that way.

Angels can communicate with Humans that have passed on, particularly if they have recently passed from the Human form.  There comes a time when neither Angels or other races can communicate with these spirits, they have other things to do and it is against Confederation rules to interfere with their journeys and purposes.

Part of Confederation

Yes. Make up a large part of the Confederation and a part of it for a very long time. Responsible for instituting many of the rules that the Confederations apply.  All races that belong to Confederation can monitor for Confederation.


Fit in with other races on a peripheral level.  Do not act with Grays or Nordics except to travel with them sometimes on their craft. Work with Grays, Nordics and Orbs to locate Humans.  Work with many humans but not all Humans. Cooperate with all races. Angels always help Humans.  Angels can show Humans how to be peaceful in own lives and their communities and encourage a peaceful state.


Group mind but on a different level. Can interact on a mental level with many of the other races.

Location of Home

Angels are everywhere there are Humans. Angels are mainly confined to Earth although there are other dimensions that they can visit and interact with other beings.  They cannot travel the galaxies as other races do. Angels have been present in the galaxies for much longer than any of the other races, so they were an original part of many of the Confederations.  Angels are from the Pleiades.


Travel by craft, do not fly or have wings. They cannot bi-locate but they can transpose.  Transpose is a way to get from one place to another with the original body.  They send orignial body.  Though transposing takes energy and time so they are often carried by craft. Angels can persist in the terrestrial stratum as well as in other places, and can pass between strata whenever they are needed.

Social Structure

Every race came from the Angel race, which is one of the oldest in the Universe.  That is why they are close to God. 


Angels do not change and do not stop or transpose into other bodies. 

Relationship with Humans and others

Angels can be called with emotion.  Spiritual in nature and respond to emotional calls where there is a need.  If someone is in pain, distress, crisis, they come.  Usually hover nearby until request is made.  If request is not made, will go away. They can offer advice, guidance, even intervene physically if there is a need. Help and guide Humans, but the Human does not have to follow what they say.  Also work with Hybrids that have a high percentage of Human in them.  Humans are not always able to help themselves, they have a very dark view of life, they try to eliminate themselves and other Humans, are not satisfied with all they have, and they need the help of the Angels. Asking Angels is the same as asking God.  Except that Angels can be there and help as they are nearby already when they sense the need.  Asking God directly is the same as asking the Angels, they are then sent to help.  One is the same as the other. With Humans there is much ignorance and reluctance to learn.  Humans do not learn from generation to generation. It’s as if each generation has to re-learn everything all over again. Humans have not  learned how to care for and clean up after themselves, to clean the Earth. 

Predictive Ability (PSI)

In some respects they have to ask about the future too.  They ask the Recordkeepers.  During the next three years, Humans will see a big increase in large problems, particularly environmental issues.  It will plateau for two years, then more serious problems with environment will occur and people will begin to move between countries.  Two years later there will be a lull for another six years.  Angels will assist.  All other problems are Human in design and can be managed with intervention. Many problems are caused by Human fear itself and wasteful and inadequate Human management.

Shape-shift Ability

Spirit form or Human form.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Humans have the ablity to clean up the Earth.  The key is water, there are many technologies out there and must be pursued.  Other assistance is Earth’s lower orders of life, i.e. microbes.  They help humans to live and can help the Earth restore balance.  Skies and water can be cleaned with lower orders of life as well. 

Begin with the largest and work down to the lowest.  Humans must make change in first then work down to the microbes.  Angels will assist.  Humans have lost their common sense and have become complacent. Could be cleaned up within a generation or two.  Humans should not be asking questions.  

Light Beings want to know about emotion. It is an energy that can raise physical objects.  How do the Humans not know this and use it?  Why do Humans not manage emotion well?  Why do they not realize its potential?  Why do they waste emotion?  Do Humans see emotion as a waste product?

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Aldebaran.  There comes a time when neither Angels or other races can communicate with these spirits, they have other things to do and it is against Confederation rules to interfere with their journeys and purposes.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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