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Anunnaki (The Nephilim)


They are living but non-corporeal. They can become corporeal for a task.  Other races accept them when they are corporeal and when they are non-corporeal. They are of many suns and many societies and are accepted in all.  This was not always so.  They are not always in favor with other species.  They are both part of and a part from stellar society.  This is different than being accepted.  They are accepted but not always part.  They have evolved and changed, but stay much the same.  They are ten or more feet tall, very large, may wear technology.  Monatomic Gold and other mnineral nutrients are essential to them.  Electrolytic solutions are needed for their function.  Off-Earth Anunnaki have no defined physiological ranges: it depends on the place, time and function of the entity. 

Historically, on-Earth they are very large, very powerful, very loud, sometimes aggressive when needed, and mainly masculine in appearance.  Modern on-Earth are taller than average, very slim, very intelligent, involved in people-based occupations, forward thinkers, yet not in positions of great power.  On-Earth Anunnaki blend in with the population it is working with.  On-Earth are sometimes hybrids with greater than average Anunnaki constituents. Anunnaki are telepathic: off-earth are able to communicate with each other, with on-earth and other races.  On-Earth not so strongly. They have a wide range of emotions when they are on-earth but do not need these when off-earth.  They are flexible in this regard.


Creators, parent species, originator of humans. Anunnaki genetically alter the inhabitants to make it easier to co-inhabit the planet.  In doing so, the altered race is improved. Used Humans as a ‘slave species’.  They were not the only ones using this process.  Humans misunderstand.  Slaves have nothing in return.  They gave much to Humans.  Humans are their children.  They worked together.  They had no difficulty in being accepted by other races.  There is a Human term:  paternalism, a positive term.  They did not birth Humans but created them.  They know that they are influential to Human affairs.  They do not direct, only guide as they see necessary.  They do not select.  Where ever they are, they assist and direct as they can.  They do not choose. They are requesting that Humans recognize those who are here now and have contact with those of us who are not here now. 

There will never be full species contact.  Only some Anunnaki will interact with some Humans.  This is how it has been and how it shall continue.  Further contact could be discussed and forumlated.  Limited contact with limited Humans can be formulated.   Individual contact is preferable for off-Earth contact: group contact with on-Earth Anunnaki has always been available.  Anunnaki are already present in on-Earth form in multimple locations.  There are no preferred locations to meet.  Anunnaki on-earth are included in staffs and other functions of Human government at many levels.  There is also communication between off-earth Anunaki and Governments that may shift behavior and actions, from time to time.  There is no overt agenda to control government or its employees.

Role in Abductions/Collections

They do not abduct humans.  They will ask before taking a Human and the Human has a choice.  They treat Humans with respect unless there is a condition where we do not.

Part of Confederation

Yes. All races that belong to Confederation can monitor for Confederation. Always been part of the Federation even before it was the Federation.  It was not always the Federation, it was a void, it was a collection of us. They are of all Federations and this galaxy’s Federation.


They know and interact with an uncountable amount of species.  They have been visiting and living with Hunans for multiples of thousands of years.  If they were planning on taking over the world they would have done so.  There is glory and also despair in the evolution of Humans.  They cannot guarantee anything.  Contact with them will always facilitate evolution in Humans.  The Laws restrict them from certain actions such as interfering with another race that is interacting with Earth. 

Humans are not the only citizens of Earth: they are co-inhabitants.  There is an ancient relationship between the Anunnaki and Humans but Federation Laws supersede these.  There is a great benefit of uncovering and discovering through dialog the history of Humans and non-Human races.  Future contact and communication is considered to be important yet restricted.  Outer Space Security and Development Treaty is a step forward for safeguarding all who enter within the Earth’s and Humans’ zones.  The races that share Earth resources already have in place protections and Humans need to realize that hostility from Humans may be met with hostility, thus making the Treaty of double importance.


They make contact with Humans everyday in every location.  If they came in their original form, Humans would again fear them and be threatened.  They will never come again in their original form.  All communications and questions would be welcomed with the provision that the information does not conflict with the other races currently visiting/sharing Earth’s resources. 

The Anunnaki have an interest in facilitating Human development.  One of them communicating but many others attending and commenting through the one.  Anunnaki are telepathic: off-earth are able to communicate with each other, with on-earth and other races.  On-Earth not so strongly.

Location of Home

They have been on Earth longer than Humans.  They come and go.  They do not always have many but there are always some.  Sometimes one or two, sometimes more.They are represented in every place on Earth.  There is not home planet.


Off-Earth Anunnaki travel both by their own technology and with other races.  It is both interstellar and intergalactic. They have done this for as long as they have existed.  Travel depends on who they travel with and where they travel to.  The technology is beyond current Human understanding. 

Alligorically, imagine an Earth mollusk creeping on the ground.  If the mollusk’s time perception is speeded up so will the mollusk.  The mollusk’s rate of speed with be proportional to its increased time perception.  That is the closest they can come to an explanation.  The Anunnaki refer to Earth as Terra.

Social Structure

Not the same as earth based.  Political: they are subject to Federation rules but also have autonomy in decision-making and activity.  Military: Each Anunnaki can make autonomous decisions about any offensive or defensive action but this is rarely used.  Social Structures:  Egalitarian in form and function. 


Nibiru is approaching perigee.  It will bring change to the Earth but not cataclysm.  Humans do not like change: Nibiru will bring change.  Humans need to adapt to the changes.  It will not reach perigee for several Earth years.  It will be far enough away from Earth for its effects to be felt geologically but not devastation.  Nibiru has one part of their group inhabiting it.  

Nibiru should be greeted with excitement and a sense of discovery.  The current major conflicts and crises among humans do not need technology to resolve them.  Conflicts have arisen because of technology.  The Anunnaki have technology that could solve the conflicts but these are extreme and would not be liked by most Humans. 


Anunnaki do not have a concept, like Humans, for a continuation of life following physical ending.  They just end.  Before they end, they experience a lifetime that is many centuries that of Earth years.

Shape-shift Ability

They become Human in form when they need to be.  It is similar in the process to how an Earth chameleon changes color to match its surroundings.  That is the closest they can come to Human understanding.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

They do not consider Human survival on Earth as one of their top priorities.  Humans will survive or fail by their own accord.  If Humans wish to survive they will asisst them.  They will consider the action programs and decide. 

If Humans have the aim of joining the Cosmic Community, they will assist.  They also make it clear that not all will be eligible or succeed. 

They need to see balance among Humans, this makes it easier for them, but their survival does not rest on Human survival. Humans are a contradiction: they are a chaotic mix of primitive and new.  The new is the chaotic part.  Humans are still evolving although many Humans think they are not evolved.  Humans are the least evolved of the inhabitants of Earth. 

Anunnaki are not immune from this chaotic mix.  They have been involved in battles and other chaotic behavior and they are also still evolving.  You cannot have the light without the dark.  Achieving light being stage is not an advanced stage, just a different stage.  The physical form does not mask the interior form, it remains the same.  Anunnaki are the same whether in light or physical form. 

A Human, in the beginning of the process of evolution was amorphous, a shadow of modern humans.  There were many beginnings and many endings and new beginnings.  It was not a smnooth process from beginning to end.  It has not yet ended.  It is possible that what was started with current Humnans may end, too, and a new beginning made, we do not know.  Anunnaki set in place the process and allowed it to self-modulate over time.  They are not in charge of the process.  Nobody is in charge of the process.  Humans cannot control the process.  The process controls itself.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

On-Earth Anunnaki can be asked for contact and communication.  On-Earth Anunnaki have been communicating and interacting with Humans for a long time.  It is more difficult for off-earth Anunaki to communicate and interact.  It would have to be discussed and arranged but not impossible.  They do not expect Humans to change.

Belief in Creator/God

They are egalitarian.  There is no difference between spiritual beliefs, social, political or universal form or function.  Nobody created the Nefilim, they also were and always will be.  There is no story about their being created.  They have always been.  Humans like to see a beginning and an end and this is not always so.

Miscellaneous Occurances

MOON:  Craft have been traveling to this moon for longer than Humans have been on the Earth.  It is natural for them to be there.  Humans could think of it as a haven or harbor. Humans become very excited when unusual events occur.  This is unusual in that the craft were perceived in transit.  There is nothing dangerous or threatening with craft behind the moon. 

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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