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Most resemble Humans. Not all of one appearance.  Some are tall and some of average height.  None are small.  Olive complexions and many do not know which race they are from.  Some think Native American, or Spanish or olive skinned races.  They are not Celtic-looking or very dark skinned.  They live normal lives on Earth but think themselves as a very distinct race.  They would never reveal to Humans that they are their own race. 

They have a balance of logic and emotion. They have more energy than Humans and are more driven and accomplish more.  They need same food as Humans, and live the same lifestyles as Humans.  They try to eat “clean” foods or natural foods more often than Humans and stay conscious of what their bodies are telling them.


May have been influential in shaping human history. To be helpful whenever they can.  They aid Humans whenever possible.  They are available for Humans but not all Humans are there for them.  They have been responsible for helping Humans develop and grow as a sentient species and continue to interact. Find many in the helping progfessions, in volunteering, and in hunmanitarian efforts.  They use their own judgment when to help.  Do not help everyone.  Part of theri goal is to help Humans go by the rules. They would be happier and more productive.

Part of Confederation

They do not belong to the Confederation although there are many living outside of the Earth.  Estimated to be 5-10 percent of the Earth’s inhabitants but they are scattered all over and less in some areas and more in others. They keep their own rules which are very similar to the Confederations.  They rule themselves and do not need the Confederation to rule them.


They interact with Humans all the time, on every level, in every profession, at every strata of Human life.  They live with Humans but do not consider to be Humans.


They share thoughts between groups but the groups also share information between themselves so, soon, all Duvel know information that one knows.  They have no goal except to survive and assist Humans.

Location of Home

Present on Earth in great numbers and been here for a very long time, thousands of years. They are mistaken for other races.  Because of olive skin have been the victims of hate and prejudice.  They are not tolerated in some communities of Earth, including North America. They are considered universal, they are everywhere.


The most mobile and traveled of all the races.  They are everywhere.  They travel and interact with Hunans as well as many other races.

Social Structure

Duvel are not centrally organized but living with Humans and have to live and abide by Humans rules.  Humans have a need for control and management that they do not have.  They have developed a personal ethic which means that they do not need to control and manage themselves as a group.  Centralized organization has never been a concept of Duvel life, they manage themselves individually.


They do have DNA and do produce in the same way as Humans.  Their DNA is very similar to Humans except for a few differences.  Theirs would look identical in a test.  They have much more sophisticated ways of testing the DNA and other inherent markets that Humans presently know.

Books, writing, art, documents

They are extremely creative and are singers, dancers, musicians, artists, and writers but you will not find them in any of the creative professions.  They integrate their talents and creativity into their daily lives.  That is the way of the individual Duvel.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

They do not have the ability to look into future only with historical information.  They use logic as well as emotion and are able to see many things that Humans do not see. 

Perception of Human’s Abilities

There is a wide void between what Humans consider scientific, emotional, spiritual or evidence.  They are all the same thing. Humans have not come to that understanding yet and create great divides between these ways of being.  When they can realize that all these ways of knowing are the same way of knowing, then they will have advanced.  They should be asking how can they come to this point of understanding.

Other skills including telepathy, sharing of feeling between people, sharing electrical fields, sharing light fields and sharing energetic fields.  They are just beginning to know these things. It is about time Human’s stood up and took responsibility for their own problems without asking other races to provide insight and assistance in their problems. 

Problems:  are basically cyclic in nature and will proceed with or without Human intervention.  Humans have caused an extension of these problems and they know how they caused them to become more severe, so all that is needed is to reverse what they have been doing.  Humans, over the millennia have proven to be resourceful, creative, resilient, adaptive, capable and inventive.  Whatever will be thrown at them they will survive.  Don’t act so helpless!

Belief in Creator/God

They do have a concept of God. but it is not the “old man in the sky” concept of Humans.  They laugh when they hear and see this.  Human’s copying this by the installation of a Pope on Earth.  He is just a Human and could never come as god.  Their concept of god is shown by groups of people, the energy that they develop and use, rather than one Human who is set apart as a leader or spiritual guide.



Miscellaneous Occurances

Additional/Future Questions?

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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