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Extraterrestrial Contactee Sixto Paz Wells

Sixto Paz Wells was born in Lima, Peru, in 1955, and is a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial contactee. What follows is the transcript of a talk given by him many years ago.  The talk was given in London with the researcher, dowser, and author Colin Bloy (of Fountain International) acting as interpreter.

Sixto Paz Wells has published over 20 books on the UFO phenomena, particularly alien contact, from a spiritual viewpoint. He promotes a systematic method of physical and mental preparation for contact, as well as protocols for documenting, validating, and confirming contact experiences.

The original two videos from which this transcript is taken are available on YouTube, on the Ellis Taylor channel.

The transcript begins with Colin Bloy’s introduction to the talk, followed by Sixto’s words.

Part 1 – Sixto Paz Wells Speaks

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here this evening to listen to Sixto.  Those of you who know of him will obviously know that he is a person who has had considerable experience in contact with extraterrestrials, particularly in Peru, and that from those experiences he has gained considerable spiritual insights and understandings.

Now, with his group Rama, he wishes to share (his words) with as many people in the world as possible. I’m only the interpreter, so I will do my best and try to represent Sixto’s words in the way that he intends.

The experience of which I am a part is one of many that have occurred around the world. My experience is not necessarily the most important nor the most typical.

I have served the purpose (of a) witness to share the testimony and I’ve been able to be instrumental in journalists being present during contact five times.

The last time was in 1989 when 40 journalists were present and they filmed and photographed the ship that appeared on that occasion.  On that occasion the ship appeared in order to demonstrate that the contact was continuing and the message that they’re transmitting to us is a real message. They say they belong to a Great White Brotherhood.  It’s a brotherhood that forms plans for intervention on different planets.

This particular planet on which we live is one of their special (projects). That’s not to say that we are like guinea pigs in the laboratory but like babies.

Children In Kindergarten

Extraterrestrial Contactee

We are not like some sort of farm where we’re being bred in factory farming. We are rather like children in the kindergarten where we’re still learning, and according to them not all extraterrestrial visitors come here with good intentions.  But those who don’t come with good intentions have considerable difficulty in entering into our world.  Certain ships that have been sent by those people have in fact been broken up by the protective field surrounding the Earth.

Also in many of the sacred writings of many civilizations on Earth there’s a lot of evidence of wars in space and so they also say that some 26,000 years ago a group of extraterrestrials were deported to this planet a a result of a sort of civil war in space that occurred in the constellation of Orion.  It involved many civilizations but only one group was punished and sent here, onto the Earth.

They were obliged to try and help us even though they didn’t want to.  Although they started to help in the beginning, later they lost that desire and can continue to act in a negative way. And of course, because they were accustomed to life outside the Earth they rapidly aged on the earth and died. They cannot reincarnate in our world because the vibratory level is too low for them.  They are, in a sense, in a fourth dimension from which they have declared a form of psychic war on humanity.

They manipulate a few key people in the world in order to try and maintain the status quo.  One of the things they succeeded in doing was to get all the great archives and historical records of mankind destroyed so that mankind would be a victim of ignorance and superstition.

ET Civilizations That Want To Help Us

Alien worlds

The civilizations that wish to help us have since come to the Earth again. Thirty-two of them landed in the Gobi desert in Mongolia in the form of an interplanetary peace-keeping force and formed a type of internal positive government of the planet and tried to put together again all the information in a way which was accessible to humanity, and also prepare people so that they were able to make good use of this lost knowledge. Humanity in a sense, is being sandwiched between these two opposing forces. 

Many of the extraterrestrials who come to our planet do have a human appearance, and those who don’t have a human appearance prefer not to have contact because they know that we judge by appearances.

If their appearance is in some way totally different to ours, they feel we will judge them by their appearance and condemn them as negative when they are not necessarily so. They are our ancient fathers and our planet is a project from which they have to learn their lesson.

But it doesn’t make us the centre of the universe. Seven other planets were chosen apart from the earth, but apparently the only planet which is likely to achieve positive results is ours.

They say that in the process of apprenticeship that is developing on this Earth, this will give humanity the possibility of changing its own future. To a large extent, that is the message but we can change, and the prophecies are in a sense not forecasts but warnings and they give us a chance to do something to correct them.  Thus our mentality, our consciousness, must be of the most positive sort.

We’re not alone because there are a lot of people out there in the universe observing what’s going on, on planet Earth, but they’re not going to do for us what we should really do for ourselves.

ET Messages Of Love & Cooperation

alien planet

There is not just merely contact with ordinary people. There are contacts with the governments of the big powers, but this is done very discreetly on the part of the government because they are very much afraid of a cultural shock which could provoke a religious, economic, and political crisis.

The basic message from the extraterrestrials is one of love, fraternity, and cooperation,  whereas the system we operate currently is one of competitiveness..

The contact works in various ways. There are physical contacts, sporadically, but there are also casual, fortuitous meetings, which don’t get repeated.

And also there are contacts with people who have been specifically selected. With a selected contact, the contact is gradual but on each occasion develops in a more profound way. There are telepathic mental contacts

This can manifest in feelings of discomfort, odd sensations when people go in certain determined places.  There is also astral contact through dreams.

This is a method they use with people who have a certain preparation; the dream content. The contact does not have, as an objective, the creation of a form of dependency on them by us, but to create within us a change and a transformation.

Their message is; the world is not going to stop – it’s going to be transformed, but we must,  each one of us, initiate our own personal transformation in order to achieve that.   It’s personal and non-transferable.  No one else can do it for us.

They say that we can go further than they themselves have achieved so far.  In fact, we do have, we humans, a psychic potential superior to theirs because we are a version of the original creators which has been improved and corrected with time, and we can open doors between dimensions.  We can unite the three universes that exist.  They speak of a material universe of seven dimensions.

And beyond that, as in music, in the octave, there’s a further dimension.  There is a mental universe that has three dimensions and further to that there is a spiritual universe with two dimensions.

Awaken To Higher Dimensions

We who live in this dimension have seven bodies to live in these seven dimensions. We have seven centers which, when they are awakened, permit us to act consciously in these dimensions.

We will have the capability to enter into these different dimensions, but for this we need to develop the will. We need to know, first of all, what can be done and then develop the desire to do so. But all of this must have a very important reason, and this should be love. 

When humanity realizes that we have been victims of a great manipulation, like for instance this extraterrestrial group that is in our world but which succeeded in destroying many of the great archives and libraries of the past, and also assisted mankind to have the motivation to destroy the ecosystem of the planet and contributed to getting much of humanity into the state of poverty and hunger.

The day that we realise that and we unite ourselves with the forces of Light rather than the forces of Darkness in a final battle, we will forgive ourselves at that moment.  We will have made the Great Change and we’ll be able to give great teaching.  We will, at that time, change from being disciples into masters.

Many of the phases of civilization in world history have been initiated through contacts.  They believe in the same God that we believe in. What we’re doing is believing in the God that they initiated on our planet.  Many civilizations of this type are relatively recent in the history of the world.

Some of these civilizations that have been contacted in this way interpreted the contacts as gods or angels. They didn’t necessarily promote that form of belief, but they permitted it because it was more convenient to the level of consciousness of humanity at those times to let that particular belief lie. We shouldn’t see them as gods or angels, but as older brothers.

It’s a great hope that if others have learned how to survive a passing crisis like the one for instance that we humans are living through today, therefore we too can survive. During the 17 years in which I’ve been involved in these contacts I’ve had eight chances to see the extraterrestrials physically and on three occasions I went inside their ships. Once, some thirteen years after the first contact I was able to go back with them to the place where they had come from here.

They come from one of the moons of Jupiter where there is no natural life, but there is an artificial climate and the communities that they have there are below the surface.

They control their lives through their technology and their psychic powers.  There’s not just one civilization there but several. There is one city of 12,000 people who have in fact been extracted from Earth, some of them rescued from the famous Bermuda Triangle and from other parts of the world whether there are these gates between the dimensions, but occurring naturally, and some who have been rescued from the hands of extraterrestrials who come with bad intentions. They’re being prepared to return to Earth so that they can be reinfiltrated into the world and help in the great change.

I could tell you many, many interesting things, but maybe it’s better if you ask me questions.

Because of the film that Shirley Maclaine made in 1986, I was invited twice to the United Nations and I was asked to give two conferences about the message from the extraterrestrials. There were journalists present, one of whom was the Chilean journalist Antonio Hunos de Mufon.

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Part 2 – Questions From The Audience

Audience Question: “They believe in the same God as we do.  Is the origin of Man from God and is their origin from God as well?

Answer: There is one Creator of both species, if you like but the creation, of course, of various types of civilization in the Cosmos. God is far more practical than perhaps we imagine him to be.

Audience Question: “Because when you say we’re a special project, I mean, who’s project are we; the project of God or the project of the extraterrestrial beings?

The project originally came from the Creator, the Father, but it was proposed by a group that we would call ‘ultraterrestrials’ (because they come from the mental universe and not the material Universe) The idea that was put forward was to create a different Humanity in which there was the least possible intervention and therefore could realize itself to the absolute maximum.

There were many Creations in the material universe.  The material universe acts like a heart, pulsing outwards some moments, it contracts. The expansion is the day, the contraction is the night. We are in the early stages of a new creation for a new day.  

The first types of Humanity that appeared in this universe, in other planets, were examined, guided, and corrected by the ultraterrestrials and they advanced quite quickly and were (therefore) able in their turn to assist other humanities to develop.

As the directors or the maestros the ultraterrestrials (who do not have free will in the sense that we do).  They are programmed, in other words, they cannot change where they came from nor where they are going. The beings of the material universe have this free will and free choice.

Being mental beings they don’t actually have a spiritual perception of the universe and therefore cannot appreciate either love nor faith and consequently they are not able to teach their disciples what they do not know themselves.  Rapidly, the civilizations in the material Universe became operative in the 5th and 6th dimensions. No one ever got to the 7th, which is the Consciousness of the Essence.

Therefore it was necessary to create Humanities with specific spiritual potential who are able to teach others, but this project also had people who were against it.  There were considerable jealousies because some of them said, you know, how can these people who are so young be set out as being able to teach others what should have taken years to learn. In many ways it makes us remember the story of Joseph, son of Jacob in the Bible,   and how his brothers were jealous and wanted to kill him when they realized that he had a greater destiny than they did. Obviously they tried to impede him from succeeding in his destiny. 

Joseph did become a very senior man in the Egyptian government. When he had it in his hands to take vengeance upon his brothers for the damage they have done to him, he forgave them.

Really, there is a form of conspiracy on this planet and there is this group of beings who are imprisoned here who maintain this psychic war against humanity. Certain ships have arrived here with negative intentions, very few cases, and they have fertilized human beings in order to create bodies in which these beings can reincarnate on this planet.

And the idea of Adolf Hitler in terms of cloning and creating a special race was in order to facilitate the production of these bodies.  When we find in the course of history people with a very high spirituality there are often stories that these people have been subjected to attacks by demons and negative forces who want to get hold of their body.  There’s always been this desire to take possession of the right sort of body to permit these beings to reincarnate.  By dominating people mentally and spiritually they actually weaken themselves and that’s why they need to rejuvenate themselves by having a physical body to feed on.

Those who are you trying to help us are trying to get us out of our state of ignorance.  The only advantage of negative forces has over us, the negative forces understand their limits and we do not know the real possibilities. They can dominate us through fear because there’s no other way they can harm us.

In the Psalms it’s written that man was created slightly lower than the Angels, in order that he could sit at the hand of God – something obviously which the Angels cannot do.

Audience Question: “…the prophet a decade ago called “Planet Earth is Suited to the Gods”  where she reviewed all this over the last 100,000 years and if so, how does the experiences which I found very similar to me coincide with your experiences?

When we found that information of the same type was coming from different sources we were very happy that there should besuch confirmation.  The problem is if they don’t, if they’re not similar, it would mean that someone would be playing with us.

Audience Question: “They pretend to be similar?”

We have to remember too that the people who channel the messages are human beings so there will be a part of us that colors the messages sometimes.   These sorts of messages must be treated with the greatest objectivity.

To receive these messages is a little bit like treading the edge of the razor. It’s very easy to lose your contact with reality in these experiences. You should always try to prove and test that on the other end of the telephone it really is them.

Many of the messages are very nice but we shouldn’t always presume that they come from them.  It doesn’t necessarily mean to say they are there.

The message shouldn’t only be logical, coherent, and positive, but they should be capable of being proven to come from these sources.

Audience Question: “I’ve done quite a lot of work on psychic interference connected with extraterrestrials and getting rid of the negative influences connected with extraterrestrials, and I’m wondering, when you were on the spaceship, did they give you any information about helping people human beings; how to protect themselves from the negative extraterrestrials.

Answer: We do have the power to protect ourselves, we can create what we want to, if we realize that we’re being attacked in this way.

Audience Question: “I work with young children and teenagers who don’t know anything about this.”

Answer:  They need to be taught by people who understand. You can block these attacks if you realize what they are.

The good extraterrestrials say that the only thing we should be afraid of is our own fear.  Fear is ignorance, it’s not understanding the forces with which one is working.  We must show people how to use these techniques.

It’s not so much a question of technique. It’s easy to teach technique for people to protect themselves.  It’s not not necessarily the technique itself, but the confidence that the technique will work.

Audience Question: “But some of these people don’t know anything about these things at all, what I’m talking about.”

Answer: Then we’ve got a big job to do.

Audience Question: “When you were in the spaceship, did they teach you anything in particular? Because one man that I met in Brazil, Ormenio, whom you may know, the extraterrestrials taught him special breathing exercises to expand the brain cells and many things like that. Did you learn anything like that?”

They had many years of experience in yoga before the contacts were made. They say, “We don’t have to teach you any particular new techniques. You just continue with your yoga exercises that you’re doing.” These are exercises given thousands of years ago by colonies of extraterrestrials in India. It was just a question of getting on with what we already had.

Audience Question: “I just wanted to ask, because I’ve never had any experience like that, but I am aware of negative energy and I want to know if that negative energy that attacks might come from an extraterrestrial, and if you are able to distinguish if it’s coming from them, or if all negative energy in the world is coming from them.

Answer: We can distinguish between negative extraterrestrial energy and negative energy from another source with our intuition. This is really what saves.  Intuition is within our power to know and it is a demonstration that we do in fact have certain characteristics which make us more sensitive than them.  In order for us to have real access to the Truth we should combine instinct, intuition, and intelligence.

One of the reasons they attack us is because they know that if we make too much progress we will be much more important than them.

Once again, the technique of protection is not nearly as important as the understanding and confidence, and the setting up of that block, “You can’t touch me.”

Are you suggesting that you notice these forces against yourself?

Audience Question: “No, I know this negative energy exists between people and within my soul.”

Normally a cause of negative influences on individuals is the fact that they are making progress and that there is the Law of Reaction. I put it in a different way and say, “If you tweak the Devil’s tail, he gives you a little bite”, but I think we mean the same thing.

Audience Question: “You mentioned there were 32 civilizations that landed in the Gobi desert. When was that?”

Answer:  Not 32 civilizations but 32 extraterrestrials, each being a representative of one of 32 civilizations.

Audience Question: “What date was it?”.

Answer: This was thousands of years ago.  They represented the Great White Brotherhood of the galaxy, the Milky Way, which has millions and millions and millions of stars. There’s a central government which represents all the most evolved governments.  Because they’ve helped themselves they are able to help others.  At the highest level in the hierarchy are the twenty-four Elders.

Beneath them on the next level below, there’s a group called Genetic Engineers or the Sowers of Life.  In the Bible they are known as the Elohim.  Below them are the Guardians and the Vigilantes, and nearer to us are the Instructors.  We are one of eight galaxies turning around a central galaxy, and the central Galaxy is Andromeda, which is two million light years from us.

Each one of these galaxies has a representative in Andromeda.  There is the Council of the Nine Andromedans.  The Great White Brotherhood of the Stars is in fact the relationship that exists between the Central Council in Andromeda and those in the galaxies that revolve around it.

The Earth is the result of more than one genetic experiment and more than one attempt at colonization.  There have also been forms of hybridization and inter-breeding.

Also, there have been what we might call stellar shipwrecks, and deportations to this to this planet. It’s all part of our history, which is quite complex.

They say that some million years ago a great laboratory ship landed in Africa, with seven of the Genetic Engineers, the Elohim, and they took the forebears of mankind and made a genetic experiment upon them.

The interior of the laboratory ship with a great greenhouse where they also had many plants and so on.  They were told that they could eat any of the fruits or seeds of these plants, except certain plants which were hallucinogens

If they touch these hallucinogenic plants they will be developing their psychic powers too as all hallucinogenic drugs start to destroy neurons in the brain. This would create an irreversible process of cell death and physical death.  One of the seven Genetic Engineers was a doctor, recognized by the symbol of the serpent, a great traditional symbol of medicine. He was the promoter of the project and damaged it.

The project was under way before the damage and the experimenter has lost their control over the project and therefore the Guardians and Vigilantes were sent to replace the Genetic Engineers.  When they came they had sexual relations with the experimental humans and interbreeding took place. 

Thus, there was an original human race, but at that time the hybrid version was created, which was a product of the arrival of the laboratory ship. It was the African race that was the product of that experiment and the inter-breeding. There was also a group of hybrid or mutants and these were taken to a group of islands in the Atlantic and were the forefathers of the Atlantean civilization.

Because they were more authentically sons of the stars they received privileged treatment and more information than had originally been conceived for the project.  It was the wrongful use of this knowledge that led to the destruction of the Atlantean civilization, but there have been subsequent experiments which have produced what we might call small villages;   the project in Sumeria, and Egypt, and the descendants of Abraham.

Abraham was a most intelligent and psychic individual and also with a very broad understanding, and he could easily get in mental touch with them.

The idea of programming his descendants was in order to create a group of spiritual guides who could assist the rest of humanity. This is one of the origins of the discipline of not mixing bloods observed by those people. One of the descendants of Abraham was Muhammad, or Moses, or Jesus himself.  

One of the difficulties is that Israel has turned its back on its cosmic mission. The idea was not that a particular group of humanity should consider itself better than the rest of the world but to be examples of spiritual values, particularly. There was a logical reason for locating Abraham’s descendants in Israel; it’s a natural land bridge between Africa and Asia and it’s a natural place in which civilizations would come and go.  If we want to give publicity to a new magazine, we do it at the place where a lot of people will meet, like a bus station or an airport.  Thus the ideas of Abraham would get much greater circulation being spread out from that point of so many contacts.  

To some extent we can see why Hitler should have an interest in trying to exterminate that race because in a very real sense, it was one set of programming against another. They are the two groups; one who does not want mankind to realize his true destiny in his true evolution, and the other who does want it.

Audience Question: “Are they male and female as we are?”

Answer: Yes. There are also beings that have both sexes (hermaphrodites) and some people can change their sex according to their wishes. The majority of them do have a humanoid form; legs, arms, body, 80 centimeters to 3 meters high.

Audience Question: “Really? And so the ships were very tall?”

Answer: Well, there were little ones and big ones.

Audience Questions: “So that means that the ships had very tall ceilings?”

Answer:  Yes.  I’ve only had the opportunity to see some of them, not all of them. In these ships where they are two meters sixty, for instance, I would appear like a little child next to them. It’s a very strange sensation and you realize that you didn’t really know anything. You get the sensation that it doesn’t matter that much, that you don’t know anything.

Audience Question: “Was all communication on a mental level?”

Answer: Yes, it is telepathic because you can not only transmit ideas with telepathy but also emotions, and therefore one feels what they’re trying to say.  It also helps avoid misunderstandings – not quite like here on Earth where even though many of us speak the same language, we still don’t understand each other!

Audience Question: “What colour were their bodies and were they all humanoid?”

Answer: There are beings around them that are like robotic androids, and I don’t want to confuse things.  They have a particular method of movement and behavior.  I’ve seen extraterrestrials whose body colour is an intense orange colour, to a bright clear yellow.  Many of them are moving in another space-time dimension, the fourth, they have physical bodies.

Depending on which civilization they are from, many of them will have a very clear light all around their bodies. There are some who are about human height 1 meter 76cm.  The face is triangular and the eyes come up, like a cat’s.

The eyes themselves are  so clear it’s almost as if they were blind, and the face is a strong orange colour. The lobes of the ear drop down almost to shoulder level, but they don’t stick out a lot, just long.

Their hair is much thicker than ours and they have a lot of it.  I was reminded of the Incas and why they thought it a sign of nobility for the ears to grow downwards, artificially.

Audience Question:  “Were the physical bodies very dense like ours?  Transparent?”

Answer: No, they were luminous.

Audience Question: “What origins in this context do the South American Amerindians have?”

Answer: It was a mixture between Asian humanity and survivors of a stellar shipwreck, but it’s lost in the history of time.

Audience Question: “What was the place like, to which Sixto was taken, and what do the extraterrestrials do when they’re not taking people such as yourself on trips? And were they fun to be with?”

Answer: When you’re with them, you don’t necessarily feel happy – you feel peace.  They are working all the time, whether they’re bringing people from here to there or not, and the people that are saving so that they will not die in the category that he mentioned earlier.

They continue to give help in enabling the real destiny of individuals and Mankind to be discovered. Life in Ganymede is rather like what we would envisage a colony from Earth on the Moon would be like.  There is a routine and they have great greenhouses in which they produce their foodstuff.  They’re vegetarians.  They have music, they dance, they have the Arts, meditation.

In this way they also live in there are other bodies, consciously and in a responsible way.

They are learning in a more superior way and they continue to investigate the methods for teaching children. They don’t have schools – all of them teach children, and there are children everywhere. There are relatively few children but they put them everywhere so that they can learn much more easily.

As they believe in reincarnation they don’t believe that the children are necessarily their sons or daughters, but their younger brothers.

For them the family is all the community but the couple is the fundamental unit of their society.  The relationship is monogamous and there is no divorce.

As they can see the aura of other people, in the search for the other half, they don’t make mistakes.  Although, according to them, there are never two people who find a 100% union.  If, at the start the percentage is relatively high, time will do the rest. They say that the problems here on Earth between couples is that we forget that the most important aspect of the relationship of a couple is friendship, and this should continue to grow with time in any couple’s relationship. This usually will develop with dialogue which can take many forms.

Before we seek contact with extraterrestrials we should never discount contact with ourselves and with the people around us, because most of the problems of the human level are because we don’t have the right level of contact. Exactly the same lack of communication exists between parents and children.

Our love for our children should grow as the children grow. This love should change according to the requirements of the relationship. The sooner we can stop being fathers to our children and start being friends things will go better.

Their houses do not have angles.  Angles in houses tend to stimulate aggression.  There’s much vegetation in the cities, but it is totally controlled artificially, as is the climate.  The atmosphere that they have there is the product of their technology and their psychic power. They say that one day when wWe humans discover the real power that we have, we can change, when acting collectively, the climate on Earth. 

Audience Question: “The question is whether a marriage is a voluntary Union between the couple or whether their sons of Central Bureau or a place where you get married in a formal legal sense, like a registry office.”

Answer: They don’t have to ask permission. What happens effectively in the community, they don’t have religions as we know them, they don’t have churches or temples, they consider that any person, be they male or female, is their own priest of their own inner temple. In that capacity as our own priest, we are presiding over the most sacred of all rights, which is our own life, which permits us to have communion not only with ourselves, but with the rest of humanity.

They say that they respect our religions and that no one particular religion is better than another.  The problem is not really the problem of religions with the problem of those who are religious.