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Hooded Reptilians


Intelligent, aggressive and negative.  They have no emotions. Do not offer compassion.  Do not offer options, kindness or calm.  Taller and more oriented.  They are physical not mechanical. Chlorophyll in skin for nutrition.  Great sources of information.  They know many of the multitudes of different races, but don’t interact with them. Can be aggressive to Humans if they get in their way.


Have own interests. Each of races has its own routes and purposes.  Assist the Grays in the movement of Humans, with craft. They make craft move.  Rarely come to Earth.  They have information about destinations. They have their purpose which cannot be shared with Humans.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Make craft move to pick up Humans.  Abductions cannot be prevented.

Part of Confederation

Not part of the Confederation.  No interest in becoming part of Confederation.  Confederation does work with them.


Does not cooperate with Orbs.  Doesn’t have, never has had, never will talk about Orbs they are a nuisance. Disagreements between those species that have emotions and those that do not.  Communication is limited.  They have their purpose which cannot be shared with Humans.  No need to communicate with Humans.


We do not need to lie.  We have accurate info. 


Humans can render implants infallable, but will be replaced.


Cannot teleport.

Social Structure

Appear not to have any subcultures or members that differ from each other.  They do not appear to be socially telepathic among their own group.  They are telepathic. 


More of a mixing.

Books, writing, art, documents

No interest.


Lives in present.  Does not look at future.


Not equal concept of life after death.  They are now and then they are not.  There is nothing after.


Even less of the Reptilians than Greys or Nordics.

Relationship with Humans and others

We know all races, all who communicate.  We comminicate with them.  Most respect us and other intelligent races.  Humans and Earth animals are the same to us.

Shape-shift Ability

No need for us to shape-shift.  Rarely leave the craft, only to transfer to another craft.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Would not want humans to have more powers. Humans only useful to the Grays and Nordics. There are dormant abilities but they will probably stay that way. Humans just get in the way of other races.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Unresponsive. They know of other races but will not say.  Keep information for themselves.

Can Abductions be Stopped?

Not important to Reptilians.  They will still move craft. Important to Grays and Nordics. If collections do not take place, the hybrids cannot be formed.  Less Humans mean less problems.


Know how to move craft through omni-directional layers of time.  Do not share information to Humans or other races.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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