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Indigo Hybrids (The New)


Can look like any depending on the percentage of DNA in each individual. Not Human, not Nordic, not Gray, own species. Hybridization will continue until there is no more need for Hybrids. Best balance is 50% Human, 25% Gray and 25% Nordic.   Need mineral resources to develop and subsist. Human part important:  intelligence, humor, many ways of looking at situations, able to carry out several tasks at once, ability to make quick decisions, critical thinking, and emotions which are considered very important.  Act of creating a Hybrid, or the spark of life, is considered “sacred”. 


Mixture of human, gray and nordic (Humans important for emotion and hormone functioning).  Go where and do the work that Grays, Humans and Grays cannot do or go.  Emissaries, explorers, workers, travelers, pioneers. Exploration and travel. To learn and to interact, to travel and to settle. No end date for the completion of their purpose.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Hybrids assist when needed. 

Part of Confederation

Yes.  All races that belong to Confederation can monitor for Confederation. 


The Grays synthesize food for the Hybrids. The Grays tailor the foods according to the proportions of need of each hybrid.    Hybrids fed on the mother ships.  The Hybrids eat a mainly liquid diet as space travel does not always provide the physical facilities present on Earth like bathrooms.  There are other provisions.   Cooperate with the Grays and the Nordics. In communication with other Hybrids, Nordics, Grays and Humans. 


Humans are often lied to but the lies are for their safety and comfort.  Grays will appear as an animal such as a bird or deer in the forest.  Human remembers the eyes of an animal and not the Gray.  Grays will pretend to be loved ones during sexual encounters to ensure cooperation and comfort.  It is not intended for lies to harm.

Location of Home

Can be only limited time on earth.  Oxygen is toxic.  They can stay on Earth as long as they have a high percentage of Human in their physiology.  Even so they can only stay for a short time.


They can travel many different ways related to what percentage of races they have in them.  More Nordic and they send a body plan on ahead.  If majority is Gray must travel by craft, if Human then they stay with Grays in craft, or are sent to some destination that is Earth-like.


Cannot breed in Earth terms.  Can create other Hybrids when they arrive.  They work with Grays.

Relationship with Humans and others

They can communicate with all races including Humans.  Not all Humans can communicate with them.  If they are on Earth for some time can communicate with more people.  Not everyone will listen. Just learning about other species, who is friendly and not.  Often we have to wait until we arrive at a new location to learn about them.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

It is impossible for Hybrids to predict long range unless they have a very large percentage of Human in them (70% plus) and they have been trained by Humans. In that respect like Humans. Once Earth has been left, time and space differences confuse the question and it cannot be answered.   Humans are mismanaging their resources and until this changes, cannot expect a positive outcome.

Shape-shift Ability

Do not shape-shift.  Retain shape in which they were produced and  that shape is determined by the percentage of the races that make up their characteristics.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Humans have great potential. Their mix race background gives us greater abilities than just being Human.  But all Humans have the potential to do all these things.  It will take time.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Orbs are a species but poorly defined one. Could interview and ask the Orbs or Confederation.  They might tell you.

Can Abductions be Stopped?

Humans can ask it to stop, both for a limited and an extended time and can ask for it to stop for others. Humans need to understand that once in the collection process, Humans change in their physiology and need the collections to stay healthy.  Collections are benefit to Humans and Hybrids.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

We cannot tell you about it.  We are a part because we have achieved certain mental levels and physical abilities.  There will be an awakening in the Humans and when the time is right the invitation will be given and accepted.

Belief in Creator/God

What Humans call God is what we can do ourselves.  Cannot understand concept of God.


Outside of Earth time ceases to be linear but is omni-directional.  That is how they can travel.  There are layers of time and space that is difficult to understand.  Do not understand all the mechanics. 

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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