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Joanne Summerscales – founder of the ET Newsroom (formerly The Ammach Project)

Joanne Summerscales aka Joanna

Joanne Summerscales is the founder of the ET Newsroom (formerly The Ammach Project), a British presenter, speaker, author, therapist, ET & UFO researcher, and actor. She was born and raised in the UK and has been interested in the phenomenon of extraterrestrial life for most of her life.

Here initial training was media; theatre, voice work and television and production, as well as various healing modalities, she has a teaching qualification and is also a Regression Therapist.

She has been intensively researching and interviewing Experiencers, those in the Alien Abduction/Contactee encounter field, the impact it has on lives, well-being, and the long term implications for humanity on camera, radio and other media. Other areas of interest include consciousness, metaphysics, free energy technologies, alternative healing systems, the arts, remote sensing/dowsing.

Joanne continues her research and interviews, with frequent updates published via social media and podcasts.

Work & Media Appearances

  • Founded The A.M.M.A.C.H. Project, (Anomalous, Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline) January 2011. The project was a support network for individuals who had experienced extraterrestrial encounters, providing a safe space for them to share their stories and connect with others who had had similar experiences.
  • Channel 4 made a documentary featuring Ammach 2013, (Confessions of an Alien Abductee). At the time of writing, this documentary is available on Netflix.
  • On November 30th 2018, Joanne released a world first, international, compilation album EKLECTIA, featuring musicians with the X-Files Factor, also comprising short personal sound bites of their experiences, plus comment and short interviews by Joanne with some leading edge researchers.  (The album creates a bridge between the public through the medium of music and the experiencer events).
  • On May 8th 2016, under the banner of ETN, Joanne published her first book on Amazon & Kindle, ‘44, Based on an ex-soldier’s true story of life long encounters involving alien abduction...’ co-authored with Bill Brooks whose extraordinary story it is, which generated articles in the tabloids and other media, plus a host of radio interviews about this story.
  • The Dowsing Detectives will be a series of books and is her current area of research – working with a unique small UK group whose work provides in depth evidence of ET in ancient archaeology and current times, through the magnetic sensory field.  
  • Two other books are in the wings, The Case Files of Joanne Summerscales comprising transcripts of some fascinating experiencer interviews and a non-UFO related travel/vegetarian recipe book called Olives with Everything, following a two month trip with a friend around France and Spain.
  • Joanne is putting together material for a podcast series, that will be launched toward the end of the year all being well, focusing as previously, on interviews with experiencers and researchers and others, please contact if you have an experience or story to share, including those in the Military.

AMMACH – Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline

Ammach was one of the UK’s few Experiencer resource platforms, with international links, offering a safe non-judgmental platform for Experiencers to share freely.  Joanne has produced four Ammach conferences, as well as workshops and presentations on the subject. The helpline number is still 0795 1752 813.  The Ammach Project was closed in December 2015, (due to hacking), but her work continues in an expanded role under the banner of The ET (started Dec 2015).

Joanne’s work with The Ammach Project quickly gained recognition, and she was invited to speak at conferences and events around the world, sharing her knowledge and insights on the subject of extraterrestrial encounters. She has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including the BBC, Channel 4, and Sky News.

Joanne’s own radio show, The Ammach Files 2014/15 was one of the UK’s only Experiencer-orientated radio shows, interviewing Experiencers and Researchers from around the world.

In 2018, Joanne rebranded The Ammach Project as the ET Newsroom, expanding its focus beyond just the experiences of individuals to cover all aspects of the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena. The ET Newsroom now serves as a hub for news, research, and analysis of the latest developments in the field of ufology.

The Dowsing Detectives – Trailer

The ET Newsroom with Joanne Summerscales

  1. The ET Newsroom website – Are you an alien abduction experiencer?  Contact the ET Newsroom for a sympathetic and open minded response.
  2. Joanne Summerscales, Regression & Quantum Healing Therapist.
  3. The ET Newsroom YouTube channel.
  4. Eklectia – A unique double compilation album featuring artists who have experienced ET/UFO encounters, or paranormal and spiritual events.
  5. 44 – A book by Joanne Summerscales and Bill Brooks, based on an ex-British Soldier’s true story of life long encounters involving alien abduction.
Alien Abduction
22 book

44: Based on an Ex-Soldier’s True Story of Life-Long Encounters

Bill Brooks was always a bit of an outsider – he just didn’t fit in, and now he thinks he knows why. Bill is a former British soldier, an ordinary man, that is until the age of 44 when suddenly all hell broke loose. He didn’t realise he had amnesia until he experienced what he calls ‘a download’ of information revealing a lifetime of UFO abductions and covert military experimentation on him. His compelling story shatters some of the widely held beliefs concerning our place in Creation and the true nature of what we think of as our reality.