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Non-Human Intelligences, Advanced Civilisations

This list of non-human intelligences (alien beings, or extraterrestrials if you prefer) and their descriptions, is reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD. She is a remote viewer, researcher and author. The list was compiled by a colleague of Dr Smith’s, from interviews with non-human intelligences conducted using remote reviewing.

The descriptions are listed without alteration. Any supplemental information from other sources will be indicated as such at the foot of each page.

Dr Smith is an Englishwoman originally from Bristol who now lives and works in the USA in Boulder City, NV. To find out more about Dr Smith please visit Mindwise Consulting.

Here’s a video interview from February 2019 with Dr Smith conducted by Regina Meredith of in which she explains how these interviews with ETs came about and the circumstances under which they were conducted.

Alien races and their descriptions

Alien Civilization Calculator

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