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Nordics (The Whites)


White, human-like, white hair, blue eyes. Can walk among humans. Can walk among humans or be invisible.  All possess the same abilities.  Adept at Human languages and social customs.  Not as much humor or emotionality as Humans.  If there are more than one in a group, they may appear to be conferring more than Humans.  Some bilocate into Earth society to study and learn.  Have some emotions. Operates on pure intelligence.


Explore either as they are or through Hybrids. Hybrids add a sense of inquiry. Maintain themselves as a species, support other species in Confederation, grow in knowledge, and to encourage other species to grow and join the Confederation. Can visit, blend in and interact with Humans.  Work with Grays because they collect Humans.  No agenda to influence Earth, but have interest in how it is governed.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Take advantage of collection for their own purposes. Interested in physical aspects including intellect and personality. It is important, doesn’t not benefit or harm humans. Humans will one day join Confederation, need to be aware of how they think, feel, react.  Humans benefit from also being abducted. May also help calm if abductee is scared.

Part of Confederation

 Yes, part of the early group.  Cooperate with all races including large and small grays.  All races that belong to Confederation can monitor for Confederation.


Works alone.  Share information with other Nordics.


Humans are naturally curious. Curious about craft and other races.  Only give them a little info.  They would not be able to understand all of info.  We do not lie, but we do not give the whole of info.

Location of Home

Distributed throughout the galaxy and very abundant in earth region.  Home is TS3490 on NASA map coordinate system. 


Frequency physics. Can travel non-materially long distances.  A whole new body, which is a complete copy of the original is provided for the mind. It is manufactured from available energy in atmosphere according to a pattern sent ahead of mind.  Also travel in Gray or other races craft.

Social Structure

Does not speculate on near future events, but thinks more in terms of long term consequences.  All responsible to the whole but have autonomy in their actions. Most communication is mind-to-mind, but some of it is voice-to-voice.  There is group consensus on most things.  Personal decisions are discussed, agreed upon and then acted upon.  Communication and consensus. More flexible for the individual than in the Gray society.  Very sustainable.


Nordic society has been around for the entire Human history and prior. 


No beliefs in the human concept of reincarnation. Believe Hybrids carry part of the Nordic soul on their travels.  Nordic can transfer their mind/soul to a body copy, that has been sent ahead. If original body dies, while mind/soul is in body copy, it can carry on functioning as if they were in their original body.   So there is no death when physical body dies.


Fewer of the Nordics than the Grays.

Relationship with Humans and others

Other races would not differentiate between Humans and other Earth animals.  We see the difference but others would not.  The difference is that Earth has had a limited span of being from other parts of the void.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

Can only predict for short time periods but they do plan.  Have to plan ahead to send bodycopies and to know where to bi-locate.  Have to plan where they will be next and where to send the Hybrids.  Cannot predict long periods of time ahead.

Shape-shift Ability

They can shape-shift.  They have shape-shifted into animals and other races when they need to.  They may frighten but they do not harm Humans. They can bi-locate to a Nordic shape body or they can send ahead a proxy body, such as an animal and they can bi-locate to that body.  They can bi-locate to wolf, hairy creature, Earth creature, tree creature, and others. Even into a proxy Orb body. Assist Grays when they shape shift.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Humans are limited in what they use of their minds.  They have ability to bi-locate with their minds, but have not yet learned how to send a proxy or duplicate physical body.  Some can bi-locate to a light body that may feel like a physical body.  Some can can make themselves invisible at will, others it happens accidentally.  Have the ability to use telepathy, but not how to use it at will.

Every race progresses by overcoming challenges and obstacles.  They learn how to live in different climates, with different wealth, and different tools and possessions.  Humans often challenge themselves but from time to time, the climate and the Earth challenge humanity.  These challenges are opportunities.

Teaching people how to intuitively recognize dangers, areas in danger, and how to react to them would be beneficial for short term.  Long term would be to create a mobile, nomadic race of Humans that would be comfortable in many different environments.  Those will survive.   Humans are used to letting others tell them when there’s danger.  They need to reclaim their ability to determine that for themselves.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Good to send out an invitation and see who responds.  Careful that you are not bringing in Nordics in a proxy body. Will ask when they travel.  Most will.  Most have respect for Humans and Nordics.

Can Abductions be Stopped?

Abductions can be stopped but they will resume.  Can ask for one time and multiple times to stop but they will resume. One can ask for all Humans to stop, will for a very short time but will resume.  Cannot stop forever.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

When there is an invitation offered, invitation enters many minds at the same time.  It is resisted many times before it is accepted.  May take generations before invitation accepted.  A natural progression takes place, which cannot be explained, before the invitation is extended.

Belief in Creator/God

There are races that are more intelligent than Grays and Nordics but they live far away from this galaxy and do not have control over whole universe.  Each part of universe has own galaxies, its own races and its own needs.


Time and space to us are factors  to be used to bi-locate and move ourselves around.  Time is not linear for us. Time is multi-dimensional and we can use that to move around. 

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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