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Chemists, vulcanologiests and metallurgists.  People that study and mine minerals and metals. Cousins to Grays. Practical and efficient. Look like Grays but taller and thinner.  Earthtone in color because of the minerals that they work with.  Cannot stay above land for very long.  Can move quickly at night to relocate, ultraviolet radiation.


Only purpose is to mine. They are people who study and mine minerals and metals. They fit into the schemes of other races by providing raw materials.  They are very practical and provide a service. They use mechanical, electrical and molecular means to collect metals. Provide minerals to Nordics, Grays and Orbs for food, nourishment, maintenance and fuel.  Interact with them but not them. Sometimes collect minerals so that Earth movement happens.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Sometimes collect Humans if they come underground.

Part of Confederation

No. Close but it takes a long time. They need to stay where they are until they are asked to belong.


Group mind.  Work cooperatively with Grays, Nordics, and Orbs to provide them with what they need.


Can communicate with Grays very easily. Only about 10% of Humans have the ability to communicate, however they need motivation and need to be willing.  Do not communicate with everybody who has the ability.

Location of Home

Earth, subterranian, everywhere. They have always been here. They go above ground rarely only to transport members of their race to other locations. They are everywhere there are minerals to collect. Under land, under sea, and they like the mountains, easier to work.


Craft come and go underground to transport metals through their physics.


Don’t understand about living when you are dead.

Relationship with Humans and others

Contact with Humans in mines and deep underground. Many ancient Humans went into caves to meet them but they rarely meet Humans they want to interact with. Humans are greedy, they have the surface, the air, the seas but still want more.  They have some of the underground but want more even though they can only handle some depths.  They do not want to share or give acceptance to races that have been here forever and only mine what Humans cannot mine and take what Humans do not need. Humans are fragile and still choose to live on surface at more risk. Mud People have interacted and know about Oranges.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

They only know now what information is brought to them.  If there is anything that will harm them they can go elsewhere.

Belief in Creator/God

Do not understand concept.  Reptilian race is the strongest.  Confederation is the most powerful.  Most altruistic are the Orbs.  Not one race that is all of these. Orbs and Elementals are omnipresent, everywhere and know everything.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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