Energy, collect and carry pure information. Spiritual. Various kinds. No emotions, not positive or negative.Can transform into Human or Gray shapes but are not them. No personalities.  Some have intelligence and some are able to act independently. Not agressive.  They are able to materialize and dematerialize.

They have some rights. Can move long distances in very short time periods with much information.  Orbs can be deciphered through mental intellect. They can respond to requests. They absorb frequency. Can enter the Human body, but prefer not to do so, too dense.

Angels, Orbs and Elementals are closest to the expression of God.  Orbs are very special to the Angels.  Work closely with Angels.  Do not keep records of the past.  Orbs can collect information from Elementals. Orbs are multi-meaning which is that for every word that they convey, each word has multiple meanings. Interacting with Orbs is like interacting with a Thesaurus.  Orbs are omnipresent, everywhere and know everything.


Probes, scouts, attracted by sounds (low frequencies), encode sound within structure. They can play if requested to do so, but don’t play autonomously. Nordics use them to gather information across distance.  Workers not individuals.  They will come and go when asked. Carry body copies and proxy bodies for Nordics. Also send information among Nordics and other races. Used frequently by Grays and Nordics.  They can protect Humans.  They can enter chakras.  They can help Humans if asked, but more needed by other races. 

Humans do not understand Orbs and could subjugate them, they do not need this. Work closely with Angels. Orbs are what bring Human thoughts, wishes and prayers to us.  Other times they can communicate.  In some cases, the Orbs carry what Humans call the “soul” of a deceased Human who has not passed to the next level of existence. Orbs are very curious and will appear when there is something of interest to observe and carry to the Record Keepers. Orbs can contact Humans that have passed, but under the same rules as the Angels.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Orbs cannot carry people or animals but they can assist and observe when people are being lifted, for example by the Grays.  They are often observed by Humans to be around when this type of levitation takes place. 

Part of Confederation

Yes, for all time. We have always been. Monitor for Confederation.


Large Grays, Nordics, Confederation, and for those throughout the galaxy.  Will work for Reptilians but under duress.  Do not like to talk about each other or to each other. Interact with Humans through thought.  They provide Oranges with a type of energy and information about what’s happening in the galaxy, and much more. 


There are very few Humans that can interpret their information.  Faces on Orbs are indicative of the being to receive the message.  Each race has its own rules for communication.

Location of Home

Orbs are everywhere in the Cosmos and have no restrictions as to where they are sent. 


Do not usually travel without being sent with some information or to collect some information. 

Social Structure

Orbs were a race at one time but became subservient to other races and became messagers and servants. They are altruistic and subsume their own interests for the interests of others.


As other races fade away they become part of the Orb race.  No death, life continues but in different forms.


There are as many Orbs here on Earth as there are in other places although the number decreases and increases as needed.

Relationship with Humans and others

Humans can summon and imprint an Orb with informtion but cannot yet perceive Orbs all the time with their eyes, only with technology.  Nor can they decode the information that is carried and have little understanding of their function or purpose. There have been accidents when a Human has walked into us and we have knocked them over. 

Interact with Humans through thought. Humans can call local Orbs to dance, they will become your Orbs. They can be called by Humans by calling our name, Orbs in your mind or with words. Indicate that you have some information for us to convey and we will carry that information.

Also can ask for information and they will find it for you. To avoid interrupting an orb that is nearby but on a separate journey, indicate that you need an empty Orb. More complex than that, but this is best approximation. 

Predictive Ability (PSI)

Orbs can tell you information that they are carrying. They can be sent to access information about future events and their consequences but cannot predict events of their own volition.

Shape-shift Ability

Orbs are able to materialize and dematerialize. Once purpose has been carried out, they usually dissipate into the atmosphere. Orbs cannot shape-shift.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Humans can bi-locate with their minds only. Very difficult to bi-locate their bodies, they are too dense.  Humans can further develop ability to bi-locate their minds.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

The Confederation is unsure when Humans will be ready as a race to join.  There are times when the Confederation is happy with Humans and contemplates Humans joining but there are always Humans breaking even the most basic of rules and the Human race will not be joining the Confederation in the near future. 

Belief in Creator/God

Do not have such belief.  Do not know of such a creator of the universe. Humans are not evolving to any next level.  They are at the same level or have regressed to lower levels.  Some individuals appear to evolve but they are repressed by Earth’s societies unless they produce activities that create wealth, revenge, or prestige for others.  The Earth changes will not take Humans to any next level of evolution.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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