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Live on Mars. Appreciate beauty and the things that sustain life. Quieter, sometimes ruder, sometimes less communicative than Aldebarans.  The Rall like to receive gifts. Water is precious to them and they value this information. 

They are a race like many others but have had to undertake an unusual lifestyle.  Limited resources although they are many.  They have emotions, thoughts, feelings as many other races.   They do reciprocate gifts when gifted.  Rall are somewhere between energetic and non-corporeal.  Not like Humans as they are much more delicate in appearance and might appear non-corporeal.  They are not bulky like Humans.  No need to carry anything in or on their bodies that is excessive.  They have become developed down to the bare needs of existence. 

Their lack of resources has caused them to be thin and delicate compared to Humans but they are very strong. They are an oral society, not having the written word like Humans and having no need of it.  Written word controls individuals.  They remember really well and can convey what they want to their children, and their children.   In this memory they have a distant remembrance of large rocks that fell from the sky and a jolting of the land and the following heat and dryness that came quickly.  It was not a sudden warming but arrived each successive day a little more strongly.  Nothing in their memory like it, they didn’t know what to do except escape it. 

They went to caves and holes and from there learned to live under the surface.  One day, they will return to live on the surface but now they have their communities and living underground and it seems natural to them.  They have water but it is very little and they manage it carefully.

Part of Confederation

Not part of the Confederation although they know of the rules.  They do not follow all of the rules.  Their history and lifestyle dictate that they do not follow some of the rules.  They do not believe in the rule of balance. They do not believe in keeping a balance in war such as other races do. 


Sometimes the Grays and some of the Orange races co-habitate on Mars with the Rall.  The Rall are harmonious in their dealings with each other.  The Rall cooperate when resources are low.


Be patient with them as they are still learning how to interact with the other races. 

Location of Home

Mars, always there and are still there.  Live beneath the planet for their own purposes.  Live underground orignially because of assaults on the surface, including large meteors, flashes of energy that bathed the planet, shifts in the orbit that created weather disturbances.  Mars is in the process of a severe heat age, opposite of ice age because of periodic tilting of the planet toward the sun.  Even though the catastrophies no longer exist they have become accustomed to living underground. They have lived underground for a very long time, past many generations of Rall and their remembrance. 


Do not travel.  In the past they traveled to Earth and did not contribute to Humans.  They are content to live their lives below the surface and have become accustomed to this.  The Rall have very large worm-like shapes that move in and out of the Martian surface.  They are a form of transportation, part biological and part mechanical.  In this way the Rall can reach the surface without becoming endangered.  It is a common way to travel.

Social Structure

The Rall economy and customs are based on gift-giving and gift-receiving.

Books, writing, art, documents

Do not manufacture craft but they are visited by other races with craft.


They do not know how old their race is.  They think that it is as old as the planet.  Their memory stretches back for five to six generations of Rall and then becomes unreliable except for the major happenings.  It is not important what happened more than six generations ago, what is important is what is happening now.


They are many.  They have limited resources although they are many.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Before the written word on Earth, Humans were able to make their own decisions with their lives and so it is still with the Rall.  In the past visiting Earth, we found that the written word controlled, directed and managed Humans.  They did not want it so did not develop it.  Respect and enjoy the water you have, it can disappear so quickly.  At one time their planet was as rich in water as the Earth, and as green and as blue and as beautiful. 

Don’t let the written word control and manage your lives.  Let your own guidance and judgment guide you rather than the written word.  The spoken word has more authority and wisdom.  Listen to what people say rather than what they write.  On their last visits Humans had become very managed by the written word and had almost forgotten the spoken word and their own judgments.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

Life is everywhere in the universe.  It would be unusual not to find it, rather than be surprised to find it.  Keep looking everywhere.

Miscellaneous Occurances

MOON: There are many races who call the Moon theirs including Humans. It is owned by many races and not by one race.  The Moon does not belong to Humans alone.  Craft and probes from Earth have been a nuisance in the past.  Most races have a schedule and know when each one has the time and space to bring by their craft or probes.  Earth’s probes did not match the timetable and interfered with the craft from the other races. 

The Moon is a good resource for landing and waiting but Humans need to understand the scheduling and only come when it is right.  It is their understanding that some of the races told Humans about this scheduling but it was ignored.  Some of the probes were destroyed because they ignored the schedule.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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