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They remain in a steady state where they are almost non-existent.  They persist but in a very hidden way. Live in seclusion, no relationships, no need to labor daily, implies a Sirian way of living. They think of themselves as a very old race, they are the old masters of the universe.  They are not old looking, they do not age quickly but look quite new to the other races.  Been in cosmos for a very long time.  They are very conventional and stay with things that work for them. 

They are a satisfied race, so do not have to continually strive to make new things, go to different places doing different things, they only do what makes them happy.  They need nothing that Humans need to survive.  Their ways are far too different to explain to Humans. Sirians do not have illness or threats, they do not get sick and die, they persist.


Interacted with early humans as a father would.  Gave guidance and reasuurance, taught them about light , heat, and energy.  Did not give them abilities or skills, just ideas.  They have duty to give concepts and ideas wherever they travel so that progress is maintained in different galaxies but they have no need to return.  Their pleasure is to persist.

Part of Confederation

Does not monitor for the Confederation. No need to to that. They get everything they need from the Orbs.  Sirians have their own Confederation in their system and every system has its own.  Sometimes these Confederations overlap in jurisdiction but they never meet and never intrude on another’s jurisdiction.  Sirians consider themselves in many ways, are local, are galactic and universal, they travel to many different parts of the void.


The Grays are their children as well.  They taught them many things and brought them to Earth to interact with Humans.  Have introduced many races to each other.  Humans have been in contact with many races but have only partial knowledge.  It is like receiving a small document from a race but not knowing all about that race. The only race that is comparable to Sirians are Angels as they too have been able to understand and develop the steady state.


They can inteact mind to mind but this is usually with just one Sirian mind and one other mind. They do not share what they perceive with others like other races. While communicating they can access other information from a mind that is not related to what is being talked about.   


Travel all the time but have not visited Earth for a long time.  Other more interesting places to go.  They travel with craft that they design and build and can go great distances.  Do not have the ability to out of body travel.

Social Structure

They are mainly autonomous but do abide by the rules.  Mainly rule themselves and are happy with themselves and with others.  Do not have to have others decide for us, they can decide themselves.


They are not composed of DNA as Humans are.  Different and do not die as Humans die, they persist.  That way they do not loose any memory or abilities that have to be re-learned. 

Books, writing, art, documents

They think themselves as logical and content.  Writing, music, art are for others to enjoy.  They do not need to produce things for others to enjoy, they satisfy themselves.  Do not manufacture anything except their means of travel and these are utilitarian and plain.  They do not strive to make other Sirians happy, only themselves, and then everybody is happy and content.

Relationship with Humans and others

Cannot help Humans to fix things.  They have visited and told what they had learned.  Humans have taken some of the learning and applied it but the learning to be happy and satisfied has not yet been learned.  Earth was a way station and exploration.  They have no requirements of Earth or Humans and have nothing to ask.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

They do not look into future.  They only assess what is going to happen from what they know already.  Safer.   There are strata that both Humans and nonhumans can access information about future time.  Some Earth Humans can do this for short periods of time and nonhumans that travel often in the strata. If more Humans could do this they would not be so obsessed with the future.  Humans do not yet have the right to send Orbs to this strata.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

Sirians follow all the rules which are mostly the same throughout all of the galaxies.  They would expect even those who are not in Confederation to respect those same rules, they make sense to everyone.

Belief in Creator/God

No concept of a universal source of knowledge.  They help other races with information but are not god..There is no universal source that they know as god.  There is a state, that is difficult to describe, that is in all of us, including Sirians.  It is energy, a flux,an intelligence, that permeates the universe and also permeates us.  That is what we think of in Human terms as god.  This flux allows all beings to manufacture events and many other things that are needed.

So if a Human has a great fear of coming future disasters, they can use the flux to create a state of nondisaster.  This places them in a different ‘strata’ than the place where the disaster occurs.  The disaster occurs but the individual is not there to perceive or experience it.  Humans could live their lives this way, hoping from one stratum to another all the time avoiding catastrophies but others would still be experiencing them. 

There are great ‘souls’ that can produce refuge for many other corporeal bodies placing them in strata where they are safe but this is only temporary event and they should have to eventually return to their own stratum.  Humans should learn to cope and grow from experiencing the disasters.  Disasters are needed for Humans to develop new skills and intelligence.


A sad person can cope with their sadness but when asked to discuss and label their sadness, it can intensify the sadness.  That is not conducive to a steady state.  We experience emotion without labeling those emotions, we just experience them.  We do not even talk about happy, or sad, or disappointed, or angry and these emotions pass very quickly.  If discussed and labeled they would peak beyond their orignial energy level and take away from the underlying steady state.  Humans say that they can only experience happiness when there is the absense of nonhappiness.  They can both exist at the same time. 

Happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment or joy can all happen at the same time in the steady state but are at such a low level that they can be understood.  The Sirians who enjoy a steady state, find that we have emotional reserves to offer peace, benevolence, and assistance to others because we are not invested in our own emotions at the high level that Humans are invested in theirs. Steady state allows them to remain balanced and assist others.


Alternative strata, exist as layers that enclose and sometimes permeate Human space.  Layers can be seen as sometimes, “dimpling” when another strata permeates Human space.  At those times, activities, objects, and events can locate in a different space.  Then, when the dimpling occurs again, they can return.  Some races, like Sirians, have learned how to calculate when the dimpling occurs and when they can hop between strata.  Sirians use strata to hide when they do not want to experience something they do not like or to hide from other races.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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