Small Gray Aliens

Small Grays


All included, all share. Biological but different than Humans. Use chlorophyll in a symbiotic way, provides energy and nutrients, bluish-gray color. Bioluminescence. They also need boron and other nutrients Earth does not have. Bright light and heat damages them so they are nocturnal. Can appear insect-like or mechanical. Cannot survive alone. Have some emotions, compassion, sense of order, memory, they learn, appreciate diverse forms of life, plan in the short term. Have contact with Humans for a long-term basis.Grays are not all one race.  They are a combination of Gray, Human and many other races. They look alike on the exterior, but in their composition they have some aspects of many different races. That’s how they communicate with humans on a conscious level. Grays are the first Hybrids before they refined the process to include individual differences of all of the combines races.


Conduct abductions (enhancing and hybrid creation). Mine hydrocarbons, hydrogen, boron for food, soaking, manfacture and trade. Collect Humans, gain knowledge, construct Hybrids, travel, learn, work together. Material goods are produced by Grays, medical instrumentation, transportation, implants.

Role in Abductions/Collections

Carry out most of the abductions(enhancing and hybrid creation). They have technology to counter Earth’s gravity.  Can dissolve matter to pass through matter and the ability to interact with the human mind.  Abduction selection Criteria: physical, mental, and emotional. Grays are able to synthesize DNA but there is a limit to the amount of times that DNA can be replicated.  It is the same with Human DNA; it can only be replicated so many times before it is unusuable.  So the Grays have to continually collect Humans and collect their DNA.  The production of sperm and egg are more difficult to synthesize and these must be collected frequently from Humans.

Part of Confederation

No. (Probably never be.)


No need to work together, but they do.  Connected with one mind.


We may give info that is not correct so that Humans will cooperate.  We sometimes appear to them as others that they know so they will not be frightened.  Give them pictures in their mind of places they know so not frightened.  Total mind-to-mind communication, no voice-to-voice communication, and group mind-think.


All Humans have implants

Location of Home

Home is RB457Q on NASA coordinate system map. On Earth way before Humans


Travel with vehicles, large and small.  Partly manufactured and partly grown.  Grow like crystals, but not crystals.  Grow to a form that they put together. Not able to bi-locate. 

Social Structure

Group society. Share all thoughts, all actions, and all consequences.  They do not have leaders, all share in the decision making, group consensus.  All Grays are equal.   

Books, writing, art, documents

Very little value is placed on cultural items such as art, music or writing


Have always been here.


After our physical stops, the remainder of our race assimilates the memories of us and that remains to be used by others.  We may stop in the physical but remain living as information.


Many of the Grays.

Relationship with Humans and others

Knows the difference between Humans and animals.  Other distant races may not.  We know that Humans and Earth animals have different uses. Not usually agressive to Humans but can be if provoked.  The have weapons. They are strong.  That’s why Humans are altered before interacting with Grays.  Not because Humans are aggressive, but so Grays don’t have a reason to be aggressive.

Predictive Ability (PSI)

Predictions are made short-term by all on consensus basis.  This is ususally accurate for us.  We predict where and when a Human will be, to be collected.  We can plan what tests and treatments to make to collect materials from Humans and to implant.  Do not predict further than that.

Shape-shift Ability

Cannot shape-shift, only move through dense materials.  We merge through these materials when we collect Humans.  We retain our Gray shape before and after we merge.

Perception of Human’s Abilities

Humans are very limited and are based in the physical. They do not share thought and cannot live in the communal mind.  There is the potential for a less limited existence.

Suggested Other Races to Contact

So many races, don’t have information. No need to interview others.  We have given you the views of most other species. Other races may know more.

Can Abductions be Stopped?

We would not allow it to stop.  If one group stopped, they would go to another group and come back to first group.  No need for them to stop.

What capabilities needed to be accepted into the Confederation?

Not part of, but are waiting.  They have produced the Hybrids who are part, with the help of the Nordics, who are part.  One day they will be part.  They listen and wait.

Belief in Creator/God

There is no match of this belief with Grays.


Human thinking works in small chunks, Gray minds work in large maps.  Grays do not know how to chunk.

Note: This is one of list of descriptions of non-human intelligences reproduced here with the permission of Dr Angela Thompson Smith, PhD

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