UFO Sighting in Suffolk, UK, 1968

This account of a UFO sighting in Suffolk in 1968 was sent to us by John Sparks. The account below is in his own words.

UFO Sighting in Suffolk

It was late summer in 1968, about 10 pm, as I was travelling from Norfolk to Ipswich on the A140 and approaching the Mendlesham TV mast on my left, and to my immediate right was the BT Telecom tower. It was getting dark, when suddenly this ring of coloured lights swooped down over the offside front of my car, which appeared to come from a north west direction.

It was very brief. First, my attention was caught by a glimpse of them through my driver’s window and then, as I leaned forward in shock, through the windscreen. There was no noise and owing to the brightness of the lights, no discernible shape – the lights, what I saw of them in that instant were circular or oval, bright white surrounded by different colours. I have shown Blue, Green and Red in the diagram, but there may have been others. I would say it was about 5 to 10 feet above the car – that low!

I immediately pulled the car over onto the grass verge and jumped out of the car, but there wasn’t a sign of anything, anywhere in the quite dark clear sky. As “luck” would have it, there wasn’t another car on the road for miles on this long stretch of straight road that I could check with to see if they saw what I did – I was even prepared to flag someone down, and Sod’s Law as I drove off, about 2 minutes later a car did come towards me going north.

I thought about this long and hard, and came to the conclusion that it must have been a UFO, as there was no noise (a helicopter that low would have made a hell of a racket), besides which, surely no aircraft would have flown that low with the 300-foot BT tower to my immediate right and the 1000-foot TV mast some 500 yards away from me on the left.

John Sparks, 2021

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UFO Sighting in Suffolk
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