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UFO Sightings & Paranormal Experiences 2020 and beyond

In this post I’m going to look ahead to 2020 and beyond, and what we might expect from the world of ufology and alien contact.

As sure as the sun rises each morning you can be sure that every new day will produce fresh reports of UFO sightings. Images will be uploaded, videos posted, and stories will be told.

However, like the vast majority of UFO sightings in 2019 few of those that will be shared in 2020 will be convincing.

The problem with the majority of images and videos is the fact that too many continue to be obvious cases of misidentification, fakes, and false alarms. The daily deluge of data is spoilt by the trolls, the agents of disinformation, and the mentally unstable, and narcissists.

Even if anyone has the time to check and dismiss the obvious crank claims, the possibly genuine reports fail the first test which is; corroboration.

  • Are there any corroborating witnesses with their own footage or images?
  • Do their accounts of the sighting bear any resemblance to the one published?
  • Is there any other corroborating evidence in the form of radar, infrared, or other forms of recording?

The Nimitz Incident and Tic Tac UAPs

The Nimitz Incident and Tic Tac UAPs

What makes the Nimitz incident and the tic tac UAPs so convincing and so irrefutable is the fact that there were multiple witnesses in the form of professional military aviators, corroborating testimonies from radar operators aboard ships and other aircraft, and infrared video footage that can be independently examined.

It may well be that occasionally someone uploads a genuine image or video clip of a UFO sighting to one of the dozens of alien or UFO Facebook groups but sooner or later people will just scroll on by, waiting for their next fix of news.

Social media, or weapons of mass distraction if you like, is a beast with an inexhaustible appetite that keeps on growling at us day after day. The mischievous, the ignorant, and the gullible continue to feed the beast, wasting everyone’s time.

Meanwhile, any extraterrestrial or interdimensional being, any non-human intelligence picks and chooses where and how it will appear, and to whom.

“When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye”

Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb.

Millions of people have had paranormal experiences but without evidence that satisfies our limited knowledge of physics they remain unproven, no matter how convincing they may have seemed to the experiencer. For many, these experiences were when they were children, before the indoctrination of schooling and the disbelief of others shut down their high sensitivity methods of perception.

They were are all subjective personal experiences and some struggle even to find the right words to describe what they saw and felt in a way that conveys meaning to the listener. Contact with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings, or any non-human intelligence is almost always a personal experience.

Those who have such close encounters are often left shocked, even traumatized. The time needed to come to terms with the experience is proportional to the intensity of the experience and the strength of character of the contactee. Some never fully recover.

Others may be deeply frightened and yet another part of them wants to repeat the experience. Even though some within the UFO community may be sympathetic and open minded, others care often skeptical, and this skepticism is often generated by frustration over the fact that it’s yet another story that no one can prove.

Astronauts and UFOs

Astronauts and UFOs

Dr Helen Sharman made history in 1991 as the first British astronaut.

She recently told The Observer newspaper, “There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life.” She added, “It’s possible they’re here right now and we simply can’t see them.”

Apollo astronaut Michael Collins replied in the affirmative when he was asked if he thought there was life elsewhere other than on Earth. And Dr Edgar Mitchell’s published work regarding non-human intelligences are widely known.

Physical Proof of Metaphysical Phenomena

But of course scientists want proof.  The problem is that they seek proof within the boundaries of what they know and accept as science. If you want to prove metaphysical reality then you have to step over those boundaries into territory that we haven’t yet found the words or the science to describe and explain. So people will continue to experience UFOs, non-human intelligences, and other paranormal events, while others listen to their accounts with nagging skepticism.

The real game change will occur when the number of scientists who have experienced close encounters reaches a critical mass and the dam of disbelief breaks. Then the world’s scientists will have no option but to admit that we exist in a multi dimensional universe in which we intermingle with non-human intelligences. They may arrive in physical craft or perhaps they use portals that allow them to appear and disappear.

The subject is further complicated by the fact that, according to some sources, Earth’s visitors come from many sources. Consequently, they differ in their attitudes to humans and their agenda for visiting Earth, not to mention their appearance. Some may be benign and helpful, others may be indifferent, though I cling to the notion that none are totally hostile.  

If that were the case then we would be already annihilated or enslaved.

It’s bad enough giving thought to the idea that they are indifferent to the shock and fear that their appearance generates without thinking even gloomier thoughts. Humans capture animals, remove them from their natural habitat, and separate them from its family group for tests that may be for the greater good of the individual animal of the species. The emotional and mental impact on the animal may be very stressful but we do it anyway, even if later we bestow kindness.

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