Ufology on Gaia.com

Discussions and Explorations

Gaia.com contains plenty of material that is of interest to amateur and professional ufologists. Ufology is a huge subject with plenty of associated and related fields of study. For example, quantum theory, quantum mechanics, and ideas pertaining to the quantum universe. These are just some of the ideas discussed on Gaia.

Criticism of Gaia.com

Gaia does have its critics. Some are dismissive of the content but they risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Like all repositories one has to learn to discriminate, to pick out the best and discard the rest. There is also the point that the criticism may be based on long-held but false assumptions and that some material is worth a second look.

Check out Richard Dolan’s series on False Flags and other material on Gaia.

You’ll also find fascinating programs by luminaries in their fields like Graham Hancock and Freddy SIlva.

Please note our disclosure statement.

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