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It’s an exciting time to be alive. Eight decades after Trinity, Roswell, and the foo fighters of World War II there’s an abundance of information available to researchers, authors, journalists, bloggers, the media, and the mildly curious.

The age of ridicule and denial that has kept a lid on this subject for eighty years is coming to an end. The old ways are dying and as they fade away they are being replaced by a new generation of openness, information sharing, and anticipation of what’s about to be revealed.

To look away now would be to miss all all the fun. If a fraction of what has been said about UFOs, UAP, and non human intelligences is true, then we are about to have our minds blown wide open.

Join us as we watch, listen, and learn.

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The History of UFO Sightings – From Ancient Times to the Modern Era
UFO Sightings

The History of UFO Sightings – From Ancient Times to the Modern Era

It is no secret that the fascination with unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, has been ingrained in human history for centuries. From ancient times when mysterious objects were described in historical texts to the modern era where sightings are captured on camera and shared across social media platforms, the phenomenon of UFOs continues to captivate…

Roswell Incident – Uncovering the Truth Behind the Alleged UFO Crash
UFO Sightings

Roswell Incident – Uncovering the Truth Behind the Alleged UFO Crash

Most intriguing among the various alleged UFO incidents that have captured the public’s imagination over the years is the Roswell Incident. Believed to have taken place in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, this event has sparked countless theories and controversies surrounding the crash of an unidentified flying object. Despite initial military reports dismissing the incident…

Area 51 Secrets – What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know
UFO Sightings

Area 51 Secrets – What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know

There’s a mystique that surrounds Area 51, a top-secret military base nestled deep in the Nevada desert. Over the years, rumors and speculation have swirled, fueling intrigue about what really goes on behind the gates of this enigmatic facility. While the government has been tight-lipped about its operations, there are numerous theories and alleged secrets…

Area 51 to Zeta Reticuli

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